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1.1. The “Smeralda 888” is a one-design boat designed by German Frers and created to promote sailing activity between yacht club members.
The boat has a fixed keel with ballast and sloop rig for a crew of 4 persons. It is suited to both fleet and match racing and can be handled by smaller crews where the hiking position of the body is strictly controlled. The design characteristics make the sloop suitable also for short-distance cruising with two persons. The boat is watertight and self-draining under normal weather conditions.

1.2 The Smeralda 888 boats constitute a class called “Smeralda 888 Class”.
The Class emblem is an emerald green bow cutting through a wave. This emblem must be reproduced on the hull and on the mainsail of each boat.

1.3. The Class Rules have the following objectives :
- assure the correct control and management of the class
- define and preserve the course of time the details and characteristics of the design to avoid any modifications to the hull or the rigging and the fittings.
- Assure the correct use of the boat.


2.1. Authority
2.1.1. The Yacht Club Costa Smeralda is the promoter of the Class and maintains control over the production moulds (which remain the property of Costa Smeralda Yachting S;r.l. , a subsidiary of the YCCS), and therefore the licensed boatyards, the rules and all Class activities.

The YCCS maintains contact with the Italian Sainling Federation (FIV) and the IYRU which must be informed in all national and international Class Activity.

2.2 Management

The affairs of the Class shall be managed by a commitee.
This commitee shall concist by the president of the class and five members of the Smeralda class.

2.3. Language

The official language of the class shall be English.

2.3. Construction and Purchase of “Smeralda 888” Boats

Rights to build the Smeralda 888 One Design shall rest only with builders duly licensed by the class association. Current licensed builder is: Cantieri Galetti Italy.

The YCCS will determine, on a case by case basis, which boatyards will be granted use of the moulds for construction.

Contracts will precisely define the working procedures of the builders as regards these rules and attached specifications.

“Smeralda 888” Class boats can be purchased by YCCS members and members of other recognized yacht clubs or sport associations which guarantee the constitution of a fleet of at least two boats within the club itself. Purchase applications must be forwarded to the YCCS through the offices of the members’s club.

The owners and their clubs must agree to faithfully adhere to all rules stated herein.

2.4 Measurements, Certificates of Origins

The Class Measurer will be appointed annually by the YCCS and will be responsible for assuring that all boats built conform exactly to the technical requirements defined in these rules.

Every boat constructed must be fitted with an identification plaque containing its serial number, which corresponds to its sail number, permanently installed on board, as well as a Certificate of Origin reporting the weights of the keel, rudder, complete hull, mast, boom and spinnaker pole, plus the presence and location of any corrector weights.

The Certificate of Origin must be signed by the Class Measurer and the builder.

Copies of the certificates will be kept with the association secretariat at the YCCS.

After the completion of the measurement checks any modification to the boat its rigging and fittings or its equipment is prohibited. In the case of repair work being undertaken following a damage, a verification by the Class Measurer may be necessary.

2.5 Measurement Contols

The Measurement Controls of the boats are entrusted to the Class Technical Delegate who is appointed annually by the YCCS and who is responsible for the management of all boats belonging to the Smeralda 888 Class. When considered necessary, or upon the request of a competitor before an event, the Technical Delegate, possibly assisted by the Class Measurer, can carry out the following checks :
- inspection of safety equipment
- inspection of the inventory of sails ans their compliance with their managements and specifications
- inspection of the deck layout, standing and running riffing and fittings
- boat’s weight check
- rudder weight ckeck
- crew weight check

2.6. Restrictions and Penalties

These Rules are binding for clubs with fleets and for owners. The technical specifications, in particular, must be rigidly adhered to and the rules relating to the use of the boat in regattas must be applied in all regattas in which boats of the Class take part, even when other classes are racing.

A club or an owner who violates the letter or the spirit of these rules, either regarding the technical specifications or the use of the boat, can be brought vefore a Disciplinary Committee appointed by the YCCS which, in the most serious of cases, may decide :
- to permanently or temporarily ban the offending party from the Class ;
- suspend or disqualified the offending party for one or more competitions.


3.1. Hull
The hull and deck of the boat must be constructed by a licensed builder on approved moulds according to the laminate specifications and following the specific construction procedures supplied by Costa Smeralda Yachting. The total dry-weight of the boat, including rudder, keel and fittings, must not be less than 1505 Kg nor more than 1530 Kg.
Weight check will be made without :
- mast, boom and spinnaker pole ;
- mainsail, genoa and spinnaker sheets and winch handles ; safety and navigation equipment. The location of corrector weights, if needed, shall be determined by the Technical Delegate, in agreement with the Class Measurer and the builder, and the weights shall be installed and scaled in a way to be easy to inspect.
- The weight and location of the correctors must be reported on the Certificate of Origin.

The corrector weights must not exceed a total of 25 Kg.
No additional ballast of any kind may be used.
The shape of the hull can be checked by means of garboards kept by the Class Measurer.

3.2. Keel

The kell fin must be made on the original model. Its weight, construction materials and shape must conform to the specifications and plans supplied by Costa Smeralda Yachting. The weight of the keel must be corrected, if necessary, to have a total weight of 991 Kg with a tolerance of +/- 1 Kg.

The weight of the keel must be reported on the boat’s Certificate of Origin. The shape of the keel fin and bulb can be checked by means of garboards kept by the Class Measurer.

3.3. Rudder

The rudder must be made using the approved moulds and to the specifications and plans provided by Costa Smeralda Yachting. The weight of the rudder, including tiller and lower bearing, must not be less than 12 Kg, and must be reported on the Certificate of Origin.

3.4 Deck Fittings

The Deck Fittings and their relative layout must conform, with a tolerance of +/- 10 mm,, to the positions indicated on the attached Plan 1.

3.5. Mast and Standing Rigging

The mast must be made using an approved cross-section type aluminium extrusion, and in compliance with the measurements, weights and centre of gravity indicated on the attached Plan 2 and follows its specifications with a tolerance of +/- 5 mm. Any needed corrector weight must be reported on the Certificate of Origin, as must the weight and centre of gravity position of the mast including standing riffing, but excluding running rigging.

3.6 Other Spars

The boom and spinnaker pole must conform to the specifications reported on attached Plan 1. Their weights must be reported on the Certificate of Origin, and cannot be less than 12 Kg and 4 Kg respectively.

3.7 Running Rigging

The running riffing must be in compliance with the attached Plan 2 specification in terms of materials, layout and dimensions.

3.8 Sails

Rights to build the Sails for Smeralda 888 One Design shall rest only with Sailmaker duly licensed by the class association. Current licensed sailmaker is: North Sails Italy

The approved sail inventory id as follows :
- masthead spinnaker ,5 ounce Nylon
- fractional spinnaker , 75 ounce Nylon
- self-tacking jib
- genoa 3DL
- mainsail

Laminates containing carbon fibre are prohibited.

The sails must all be measured according to the specifications of the attached Plan 3.
The mainsail and the spinnakers must display the sail number as prescribed by IYRU regulations with the exception of the national letters.

3.9 Safety Equipment

The boats must always carry on board the equipment required by Italian law for navigation within 3 miles of the coast :
- 1 hand bilge pump
- life-jackets
- 2 paddles, one fo which fitted with a hook
- 17,5 Kg anchor and 30 metres of 10 mm line
- 1 horsehoes life-buoy with 30 metres of floating line
- 1 destress signal pack (2+2)
- 1 360 torch
- 1 fog horn

With the exception of the paddles, the safety equipment will be kept whilst racing in a bag located below deck in front of the mast step.

3.10 Instructions

The on-board installation of any electrical or electronic instrument is prohibited.


4.1. Competition Levels

Three levels of competition are foreseen :

- club races
- inter-club races
- international regattas in which the boats of members will be entrusted to italian or foreign crews.

According to the racing level the organizing club will provide additional rules and restrictions which are to be detailed in the notice of race and sailing instructionsd.

4.2 Notice of Race and Sailing Instructions

In all races involving “Smeralda 888” boats IYRU rules are be to applied. Additional rules may be invoked in the notice of Race or the sailing instructions relating to :
- helmsman and crew
- use of sails
- types of course
- point scoring

4.3 Other Restrictions

4.3.1. Sails

More than one complete set of sails (mainsail, genoa, jib, masthead and fractional spinnakers) cannot be taken aboard boats while racing.

The maximum number of new sails that each boat can submit for approval each year starting with 1993 is as follows :

Mainsail 1
Genoa 2
Jib 1
Masthead spinnaker 2
Fractional spinnaker 1

Any damage to sails must be repaired and only in exceptional cases will the YCCS allow the purchase of a new sail beyond those established above.
The fractional spinnaker cannot be hoisted from the masthead halyard.

4.3.2 Crew Weight

Maximum crew weight shall not exceed 320 kg without the owner at weigh-in prior to the start of a regatta.

4.3.3. Crew Placement

The use of hiking straps, trapezes or other devices to move the weight of crewmen overboard id forbidden.
Two of the four crew members must keep their legs within the cockpit whilst racing.

4.3.4 Crew Classification

While racing in One Design events, the crew shall be composed of Group 1 or 2 competitors, except that up 1 crew member may be Group 3 competitor. Competitor Grouping shall be determined by application of the current ISAF Sailor's Classification Code (See ISAF Regulation 22). Competitors without a current Classification, or whose employment circumstances have changed, may apply for a new certificate electronically from the ISAF website (www.sailing.org).

4.3.5 Steering

Except for Owners and except for emergencies involving safety of the yacht or crew, Group 3 competitors are prohibited from steering while racing in sanctioned One Design Class events, or in any One Design Class racing. Group 1 Owners and Group 1 alternate helmsmen may steer any Smeralda 888.

4.3.6 Owners

For purposes of 1.2, owners shall be defined as members of the Smeralda 888 Class Association and shall hold legal ownership interest in the boat being steered (of at least 30% of fair market value of the new or brokerage boat price for Group 2 competitors and 50% of fair market value of the new or brokerage boat price for Group 3) evidenced by appropriate documentation. For purposes of 1.2, chartering a boat does not constitute ownership. In the case of a chartered boat, only Group 1 competitors or Group 2 and 3 Owners shall be permitted to steer during sanctioned One Design Class events or in any One Design Class racing.

4.3.4 Advertising on boats

Advertising on Smeralda 888 Class boats is totally forbidden.
On the written request of the organizing body of particularly important sponsored events, the YCCS may allow
The application of art. 1.9. appendix 14 of IYRU rules.

1 : Deck plan and fittings, boom and spinnaker pole
2 : Mast plan, standing and running rigging specifications
3 : Sail plan and layout

1st February 2007

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